Today I am

Today is another beautiful day here in Vancouver (yes, that’s where I live).
I am at work (that explains my typing in English).  Today I am supposed to get some report out but some people in our US office screwed something up so we don’t think we are going to get it out today.  Too bad since I dedicated my whole day to that project and now it’s no go for today so I am going to have a pretty relaxing day here on 21st floor.  I am looking down a couple of lakes (Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake) and I can see Mt. Seymour and Grouse Mt.
It is my lunch hour now.  I could go down for shopping (my office tower is connected to the biggest shopping mall in Lower Mainland of Western Canada), which could be bad.  I already shopped yesterday.
I am a rather compulsive buyer but I look for bargains more than anything.  I do feel some sense of achievement when I find good bargain.  One good thing is that my parents are pretty frugal, I am relatively frugal.  I am not capable of buying luxurious goods.  I am incapable of buying this on regular prices.  I am a sucker for bulk items (even though it’s only me and my brother in my household).
But still, now that I don’t have much to do, I might go out for shopping later.  During lunch hour, the mall can be a bit hectic.  I will wait till 4.  Actually, I don’t know what I need.  I don’t think I need anything urgent.
Maybe I willl browse through other people’s blogs.  I think I got sucked into this blog thing. I hope it’s not a bad thing.



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