weather: grey

Weather is very grey today.  Forecast said sunny all week.  Today is Wed and it hasn’t been sunny AT ALL.  I am amazed how inaccurate the weather forecast be with all the technology available.  Typical weather forecast here is “sunny with various clouds.  chance of rain 50%.”  I mean, what does that mean?  Yes they are playing safe.
Today is last day without boss.  Hopefully he will bring me more work that I can keep busy for awhile.  I won’t be able to check my blog as much as I have been for the past 3 days.  This coming weekend is a long weekend.  And mom’s coming to visit.
By the way, my long lost ex called me yesterday at work.  Sort of freaked me out.  How did he find me?  He doesn’t even live in the same city.  He kind of disappeared on me about 3 years ago.
I hope he doesn’t call me again.  I don’t want to see him again.  I just don’t want to be reminded of him.



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