Push the limit further

Am I happy??
I am not quite sure myself today.

Am I happy? I think that’s the ultimate question that you should be asking yourself everyday.

Are you happy? If not, why not? and once you figure out what prevents you from being happy, what can you do to get around or to overcome it and be happy?

Today, as usual, I ask myself if I am happy. I wouldn’t call it “happy” but I am “relatively content.”

First of all, I just got kind of swamped with work all of a sudden. Now I have to make a decision of doing overtime or rearrange my priorities.

Second of all, I am not seeing much of improvement in my fitness. Sure I think I am gaining cardio endurance. Everyday, I push my limit further. For example, if I run 30 min straight today, I try to run for 33 min next day or next week.

I did go work out today. Did some weight and jumping rope, and some abs.
Maybe I have reached at my plateau (not sure about the spelling).

I need to be more positive. I am still young and I have a lot of things that I want to do.
I need to keep myself happy and confident yet can’t let myself settle at where I am now.

Push my limit further. That’s what I have to say today.



<!– –>쿨짹 비나이다 비나이다 한글 안깨지게 해주세여 *^^* 2004.05.26 17:52수정| 삭제| 덧플

  • <!– –>그대와 새벽별

    ..안 깨지는군요..무슨 생각을 그리 깊이 하십니까? 자신을 너무 혹사시키시지는 마셔요~ 여기는 사월초파일 휴일. 굿 럭이시길. 2004.05.26 18:33 | 삭제| 덧플

    • 쿨짹
      와우.. 노는날이군요 ^^  좋으셨겠어요.. 중간중간오는 휴일 참 소중하게 느껴지는 것같아요.  덧글올리는건 안깨지구요 ㅠㅜ 그냥 올리려면 깨져요 ^^ 굿데이요~~ 2004.05.27 00:32 수정 | 삭제

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