Kooljaek’s 2004 Travel Plan

I can’t believe the time.  It just flies. This year has gone a half way already.
I hope the weather is going to be nice this summer.  I would like to get some traveling in my schedule.  Hmmm I am going to Jasper and Banff.  I have been to Banff before before I was going to Ithaca.  This time, for real, I am going to go see the Canadian Rockies.
Then I want to go to Whistler.  I actually love Whistler in Summer.  If I make a trip this summer, that would be 3 years in a row that I make a trip to Whistler.  Maybe I can get some outdoor activities in.  I am a city girl but it’s ok sometimes.  Maybe I will go 4-wheeling.
Then I want to go down to states.  Maybe I will ask Mom if she wants to come along.  I just want to go shopping.  Maybe get a suit.  Just to look around.  Maybe go down to Oregon coast as well.
Then I was thinking about going back to Korea.  Maybe I will need to wait till next year.  I will have to see my work load because I want to stay in Korea at least 2 weeks.  But then I want to go to Europe.  I have never been.  I would love to go and see the world.
Annick, my co-worker, had 3 weeks of no work.  I know she spent the whole 3 weeks planning her summer vacation.  Luckily, I didn’t have to do that.  I think that’s good for now.  Maybe I will go visit my parents here and there in Victoria.  There are a few events happening during the summer and it is always nice to be home and pampered by my parents.
Life is good.  Lots of things to do.  Not enough vac time but.. I will fit things in.
Life is Short. Play Hard…

<!– –>쿨짹 아.. 마루에 있는 컴터를 사촌동생이 써서 내 컴터를 잡고 있는데 글을올리려도 한글이 깨지니 ㅡㅡ 왜 덧글 덧플 다 되는데 왜 새글쓰기만 안댈까 ^^ 팔자려니 하련다…  2004.06.03 16:20수정| 삭제| 덧플

  • prouser
    난감한 일입니다. 잘되셔야 할 텐데요. ^^ 2004.06.03 16:35 삭제
  • whatidream

    아마 빌게이츠 회장님(사장님? )도 컴 쓰다가 블루스크린 나면 팔자려니 하실걸로 예상됨!  이미 윈도우는 우리의 컨트롤 가능 영역을 초월했다고 봐야죠!  그러니 너무 스트레스 받지 마시라~^^ 2004.06.03 17:59 | 삭제| 덧플

    • 쿨짹
      ㅋㅋㅋ 그 무섭다는 블루스크린?  나같은 보통사람은 손도 못대고 다시 부팅해야하는 그 불루스크린? 왜나오는 지도 잘 모르고 잘 나가다 갑자기 나타나는 그 불루스크린 말씀이시군요… 네..  스트레스 안받을께엽 ^^ 2004.06.04 00:31 수정 | 삭제

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