[20040611] work? work. work!

today is another grey day.  somehow reminds me of chocolate.

i like chocolate but i am not too crazy about it.  i like it but i don’t love it.  i am not crazy about it.  today i feel more relaxed.  i think i just have emptied my mind.  even if it doesn’t go well, it is not my fault.  as long as i do my best and feel good about it, after that… it is not my problem.

it is not like i am trying to blame others… or deligate my responsibilities to others.  just that you can’t always do everything that other people expect from you.  you have your plans and your pace.  as long as you apply yourself fully… no one can blame you not doing as told.

it is another grey day here.  the problem with the grey days here is that i get too cold in the office.  i am so tired today.  i think i am going to have a nap before my work out today.

time flies.  can’t believe it’s already thursday.  one more day of work… it’s another weekend.  then it’s mid june.  another year half gone by.

life is good.

sometimes i am over confident.  sometimes i am over paranoid.

today i am blabbering but that’s ok.  today i don’t want to capitalize my  i’s or the first letter of every sentence.  today i just want to relax.

oh i have to go pick up my pillow.  man.. i am all over the place today.



  •  그대와 새벽별
    ..문득 쵸콜렛을 드시고 싶다는 것은..무료함 속에서 뭔가 갑자기 흥미있는 것을 찾고 싶을 때라 하더군요. pillow는 고르셨나요? 두 개….^^.. 2004.06.11 15:39 | 삭제 | 덧플
    • 쿨짹
      우와.. 맞는거 같아요… 무료해서 갑자기 흥미있는것을 찾고싶어요… 그리고 필로는 샀어요.. 두개… ㅋㅋㅋ 제꺼랑 제 동생 꺼랑… 아~~ 님이 있어야 필로도 챙겨줄텐데 말이죠 ^^ 2004.06.11 16:28 수정 | 삭제
    • 보리차™
      죽부인이라는게 있습니다 여름에 아주 좋아요~ 2004.06.25 23:45 삭제
    • 쿨짹
      ㅋㅋㅋ 그거 여기서는 안팔꺼 같은데. IKEA에서도 못본거 같네요 ㅎㅎ 2004.06.26 00:32 수정 | 삭제
  •  초이
    저는 늘 초컬릿을 보면 먹고싶은데… 이런증상은 뭔가요. 새벽별님? 한의사인 사촌동생에게 물어보면 보통 초컬릿을 처방해주던데… 2004.06.14 22:10 수정 | 삭제 | 덧플
    • 쿨짹
      초코렛을 많이 좋아하시나보군요… ^^ 혹시 중독? ㅋㅋㅋ 2004.06.15 00:52 수정 | 삭제

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