the Questions of the Confused One

Are you happy today?  Do you feel the sense of fulfillment?  Are you content with where you are in your life? 
I ponder the above questions almost everyday.  No, scrap that, I ponder the above a few times a day especially these days.  Am I the only one?  I hope not.  I don’t want to be the only one around here who feels pretty lost.  I, the thirty something professional who’s supposed to be a pretty clever one, am lost in life.
What makes me happy?  I am not sure. 
Why don’t I have answers to any of my questions?
Maybe it’s time to ask me different questions.

What do I like to do?
Where do I want to be?
What’s important in my life?

For sure, everything I do don’t make me feel miserable right?  I must do some things that I enjoy.

Maybe I am just spoiled.  Yeah maybe that’s what it is.  I got my education and I got a secure job and I got a good boyfriend (who is often too busy for me 😦 )… my family…. hmmm… they are supportive of me but my family does have a share of problems….  my parents are well off enough that I don’t have to support them.  I am not married and I don’t have any kids…

So in summary, I just have to be responsible for ME and MY HAPPINESS.

If I were married with kids and were to take care of my parents, then maybe I wouldn’t have been able to afford time to ask and ponder about these questions.  But since I am single and makes decent money and not too sure about my current job, maybe it is a natural thing for me to seek “MORE” in life?

Or am I just missing whatever that I am missing?
Where am I?  What is this confusion that I find myself right in the middle of?

– missK (aka kooljaek)

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2 thoughts on “the Questions of the Confused One

  1. Eleanor Cho says:

    March 31, 2008

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  2. missK says:

    Hi Eleanor, I could not find the site that the link leads to. If you give me the url that works then I will definitely check it out. Thanks.

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