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It’s not worth it because you’re worth it!

It’s not always the big things that bother you.  Or at least it’s not always the big things that bother me.  There many small things that can bother me.  However, they don’t bother me individually.  It’s only when they come in a good size group.

No, let me rephrase this.  It’s more like this.  For the first few of these, you don’t even know what hit you.  You kind of go “hmm” and move on.  After a few, you feel the build up.  After a few more, you have reached the threshold point.  These things are dangerous because they sneak behind you.  You don’t know if they are coming to get you until they have started eating you up.  Another bad thing about these is that unless someone around you are exposed to similar number of similar things, you can’t vent to other people.

Ah, yes, venting.  And we should never and ever under-estimate the power of venting.  Really, it is not all that different from venting, when you go see a therapist and pay him/her big money.  They are just there to hear you venting and at a very high cost.  (Maybe that’s not true… what do I know, I’ve never sought a therapist, but maybe it’s time that I do)

So where were we?  Oh yes, venting.  It is hard to vent about how these things that started bothering you to others because if they are not exposed to them they don’t understand.  I mean, they just wouldn’t be able to get it.  Maybe, you can illustrate to them one or two incidents with great passion, and while you are speaking to them, maybe you feel your body getting warm and your blood pressure rising and your face getting read.  But your family or friend (who is kind enough to be in front of you and listening to you) may just not get it.  Maybe if you tell them over and over and day after day, day after night, then maybe they will get it.  Because after a few sessions, they would have been gaining some understanding of the situation, how it is being evolved and how this evolution of the given circumstance is totally bothering you.

So what can I do?  What can we do?

A few ideas,

1. Pick a hobby, any hobby that can keep your mind off when you are not under the irritating circumstances.  You need a break.  You need to keep your mind off.  I know it’s hard but maybe with the help of a very good addicting hobby maybe you can do that.

2. Vent vent and vent to your loved ones.  I know it just doesn’t sound right to put your loved ones in suffering but I am sure the consequence of not taking earlier action could be even more severe (and possibly costly).  So I strongly urge that we all vent to someone who knows us very well and are patient enough to hear through the first view venting sessions.

3.  This one, I find it, is the ultimate goal.  This is where we should aim for (but much easier said than done) is we just lighten up.  Don’t let them bother you.  Don’t let them eat you up.  Find inner peace.  At the end of the day, none of them are worth the agony.  You know why?  It’s because we are all worth it.

So there they are.  The ways for us to cope with these daily frustrations from small things.  I know I should thrive for No. 3 but we all know this is very very difficult.  But it doesn’t hurt to try eh?  Because we are all worth it.

Cheers to everyone!

miss K

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