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What color is your parachute?

A few months after I received my master’s degree, I started working.  It’s been a bit longer than 5 years and in that 5 years, I have taken on many different positions.  Even when I am a trained structural engineer, I’ve always thought there was more.


What’s more?  Do I even know what kind of “MORE” I’m looking for?

So I started listing things that could kinda describe me.  Not that it would really tell me anything specific but at least I thought this way, I might be able to get a better idea about myself.

Here are a few:

– hates taking orders from people whom I can’t respect
– loves doing something new and creative
– loves colors
– is not very athletic
– loves meeting new people
– would love to see different places
– loves galleries, classical concerts, shopping
– loves to go to school but loves to complain at the same time
– maybe I am just someone who just has to complain
– currently not too content with my job

The list could go on.  But does it really tell me something?

I was out in a meeting with a colleague of mine at a Coffee Shop (yes, it was a business meeting, really!), and I took the liberty to vent out to him.  Because I knew I could trust him… I knew that he would listen… I knew he would tell me some stories from his experience that I can relate to.   So he told me about the book titled, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”   He said he read it when he was confused about his career and it enlightened him a bit.

I went back to the office after the meeting.  I called up my boyfriend and vented to him again.  After work, I went to the book store and got a copye of “What Color Is Your Parachute ?: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers.” 

I am NOW officially a 30 something professional with a master’s degree who is completely confused about what she should do with her career with a twenty some dollar worth career guide.

I guess I will have to read this first to figure out what are “Parachutes” before I get to figure out what color mine should be.

– miss K [Image from Amazon.com]

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