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Welcome to Single, Korean, and Working by miss K!!!

Alright alright,

I have attempted to run an English blog for myself many many time before and I failed as many times as I tried. In fact, I didn’t really try too much to keep it going. I would have 1 or 2 postings and no readers! And you, yes you reading this posting, would know how important it is to have readers and some interactions with the readers. Maybe not all bloggers want readers but at least for me, that interaction is what makes blogging fun!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I have been a blogger for quite some time but mainly been blogging in Korean which is my mother tongue. It’s kind of funny how this blogging has become a part of my life because I used to HATE… and when I say this, it is really in capital letters, HATE writing. But now I love it, which still doesn’t mean I am any good at it. I blog about anything and everything but in “Single, Korean, and Working (SKaW)” I would like to focus on the following categories

1. Single – Life
– Technically I am not single because I have a boyfriend but I am not married. Postings in this category will be about anything about single life style (some call people like me, Yuppie but, I don’t really consider myself one).

2. Korean – Culture
– Yes, culture… it is a bit vague, eh? As I am an 1.5 generation Korean Canadian, I often find myself completely lost in some where in the middle of pacific. Under this category, I would like to focus on any cultural, global issues (not that I am really upto date with current affairs).

3. Working – Career
– That’s right. I am a working gal! I went to school for too long and I have been working for too too long. But in some sick and twisted ways, I have this love and hate relationship with my work. I am trained as an engineer but I love to jump around and do different things as much as possible within the industry. Here, I will share the lessons learned and some anecdotes from work work work!

So that’s it for now.

I hope you get to enjoy this blog as much as I will.

Till then, ciao!

miss K

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